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Starting with fear is how is all starts

Have you ever read that book "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway" by Susan Jeffers? It's a good read for over-thinkers, perfectionist and generally anxious driven individuals who spend hours of their days trying to "convince" themselves of doing the slightest new things. Take me for example, I have been thinking about starting a blog for... well, when did the concepts of blogging begin? Since then. What changed? I became a mom.

Posting personal thoughts, sharing photos, standing in front of a camera and making "myself" the content I capture is HARD. My heart is racing and I swear I am really applying that deodorant at the moment. I also have to carve out space and time for this work, and as the full-time caretaker to my one year old while being sleep-deprived and hungry and just tired ALL the time, I have every excuse in the world to not take on this endeavor. But Motherhood has completely transformed me and what was once a challenge is an opportunity to see things from this new perspective. And what is one thing I see so differently from this hill here I have climbed - fear.

Fear has been the leading obstacle of my life. It has often times hammered me down so small I have disappeared. It has also propelled me into new levels of success in my personal and professional life - thanks to my moms echoing voice saying "Why not you?" She does not know it, but my mother has helped me face my fears into grace and growth by believing in me.

So here is another opportunity to believe in myself and lead by example for my son.

Have you read any good books that have helped you face the fear and do it anyway?

Who loved you into believing in yourself?

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