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Not quite perfect.

Not quite perfect, but doing it anyway.


As a notorious perfectionist this is hard. But as a creative person who has found solace in project making, I am jumping in feet first hoping to land on solid ground made of like-minded woman; because before I became career woman, a homemaker and now a mom, I was a kid from Chicago who often stared off wondering how I would make it in this world. 


I am not 100% sure what this is yet, but I do know that for a long time I have been thinking of creating a blog where I would foster a community of women who are embracing their new found selves that have emerged out of ever-changing careers, motherhood, family lose, friendship evolutions and the many life paths we tumble through that define us along the way. 

Join me on this ride.

I have a lot to share.

Above all, Love.

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